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The Long(er) and Short of It: Why Penis Extenders are Great for Male Chastity Play

Let’s face the facts.

Your cock is locked up in chastity because it wasn’t good enough to satisfy your keyholder.

You may not want to admit it, but it’s probably true. Why else would your Master or Mistress demand that their cock (never forget who truly owns it!) spend all of its time locked tightly in a cage? Why else would they take away your right to anything other than a ruined orgasm or perhaps, if you’ve been exceptionally good, a prostate milking session?

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A Sticky, Slippery Situation: Choosing the Best Lube for Your Chastity Cage

Chastity is not intended to be comfortable.

As any man locked in chastity can tell you, it’s not always an easy life to lead. You experience discomfort, and possibly even pain, with each day of lockup, each denied or ruined orgasm, each tease and taunt. And yet you love your male chastity life – and one of the main reasons that you love it is that your keyholder, your Master or Mistress, always knows what’s best for you and will always take care of you.

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True or False?

Milking The Prostate Regularly Can Prevent Disease

In the early 1980s, a Russian space mission was forcibly cancelled and required to return to Earth months ahead of schedule. What was the reason for this sudden change in plans? Did the spacecraft fail? Did they run out of food or water? Did they, perhaps, encounter unfriendly aliens who threatened their lives?

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It’s All A-Butt the Ass Today!

Some Ass-ome New Chastity Play Ideas!

Many newcomers to the male chastity lifestyle have the misconception that sexual play in chastity relationships can or should only occur during the brief periods when the caged male is allowed to be unlocked.

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One Hot Little Button:

Introducing His - and Your - New Best Friend, the Prostate!


Slowly, gently, your finger travels up the inside of your caged man’s warm, relaxed hole. Finally, you feel spongy flesh give way to something small and hard. The moment that your fingertip so much as brushes against this little bundle of nerve and muscle, your submissive’s body practically jumps, twitching, tensing, shaking as the sensations run through his body…

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