Chastity and BDSM

Posted by Jennifer D. Cornett on

BDSM Paddle

Male chastity forces a man to submit to his Mistress, so naturally it shares many things in common with other BDSM kinks.

But BDSM can also be combined with male chastity to make things that much sweeter!

Learn more in our Chastity and BDSM article.

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Mistress's Cages of the Year 2021

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

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Introduction to Chastity

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

Male Chastity Cages

What is male chastity? How do you do it? Will it hurt you?

These are just a few of the questions that might overwhelm you when you first learn about the world of male chastity.

But don't worry. We're here to guide you through all the basics in our Introduction to Male Chastity!

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Sissy Chastity Challenge

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

LocktheCock's sissy chastity challenge

What a cute little slave you are, always trying to please your Mistress. But what if I could make you even more adorable?

You won’t be needing that pathetic penis now that it’s locked up, so let’s work on turning it into a nice little clitty and help you embrace your feminine side. By the time I’m through with you, you’ll be the perfect sissy slave you were born to be!

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LocktheCock's Hidden Pleasures Casino

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

LocktheCock chastity casino

Welcome one and all to the grand opening of LTC’s Hidden Pleasures Casino! The only chastity themed casino on the planet!

Whether you’re a mischievous Mistress or a risk-taking slave, we’ve got the perfect game for you!

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