First Days in Chastity — How to Get Through It Like a Pro!

Locking up your cock is a challenge, but it comes with a reward worth waiting for. Learn how to handle your cage and go through your first days of chastity like a pro!

A Beginner’s Guide to Cock Locking

There’s something so inviting and kinky about chastity devices, so it comes as no surprise they are experiencing a revival. But, this comeback is not (only) about limiting sex, but rather about improving and spicing it up. Also, they are not used by women only, and more and more men tend to lock up their penises.

One might say that he who‘s never known captivity can never quite enjoy freedom. But is it so? Let’s say you decide to put the cage on. How do you do it properly, without causing harm to your body and soul?

If you’re thinking of locking your cock or looking for the best way to suggest it to your partner, you’re in the right place. Our chastity “how to” will give you basic advice and tips and tell you what to expect from your first days in chastity.

Don’t expect your lock-up experience to be snug and comfortable from day one! It is not and should not be easy. But, there are things you can do to make the transition to strict chastity as comfortable and safe as possible.

Clean More Frequently

To start your chastity challenge, choose the appropriate device. That means you should go for the model that fits you best and is easily handled. That will make a whole lot of difference when it comes to maintenance. Also, groom before you put your cock into its new home as it makes for more comfortable wear. Keep the hair short so that it doesn’t get caught up in the device, but don’t shave it. Growing hairs cause an itch that can’t be scratched.

The first rule of wearing the cage is to keep it absolutely clean. You have to wash it every day. First-time users should remove the device for every cleaning session, at least until you’ve learned how to keep it spotless without taking it off. Even regulars should lose the cage once every 3-4 days (or at least once a week) to clean the device fully.

How to Clean It

You can ask your keyholder to unlock you, supervise the process, or stay in proximity to check on you while you’re cleaning. Take the device off. Inspect both the cage and your penis in detail, to make sure there are no signs of irritation. If all is clear, you can proceed with washing.

Choose a gentle soap or shampoo, preferably those unlikely to cause allergic reactions. The skin around the penis is sensitive, so using the right product will prevent unnecessary damage. Find the solution that suits your skin best and change it if it causes discomfort. Wash both your penis and the device, and dry it thoroughly before you put it back on.

After a thorough weekly wash, you can also apply some antibacterial spray. Again, let everything dry completely, and then get back into your cage.

If you’re cleaning while locked, follow the same routine. Apply and rinse the soap and use cotton buds to reach the inner areas of the device. You can use the buds for drying the space behind the cage bars because everything needs to be moisture-free.

Remember: if you notice any irritation marks, redness, itching, or skin sores, attend to the cage more frequently or, in case of more serious discomfort, remove the device until the skin heals.

More Cleaning Tips

Most of the devices can be additionally sterilized by wiping them with alcohol or boiling in hot water. However, you shouldn’t do this often, because boiling can damage the more sensitive parts of the cage. It is enough to wash it regularly.

Your routine will depend highly on the model of the chastity device you choose. Fully closed devices have to be taken off more often, so they are more suitable for short plays. The best choice for long-term lock-ups is a chastity cage with bars that would prevent stimulation but still allow enough airflow and easier maintenance.

Remember that a poorly fitted cage can cause irritations. It takes some time for every device to fit and maintain a fully flaccid penis. That is why cages should be adjustable. One that suits you well and that you regularly clean should not cause any discomfort on your penis and the surrounding skin.

Removing the cage should be the keyholder’s decision. It is, after all, the whole idea of confinement. However, even being locked up in chastity is no excuse for bad personal hygiene. You should never feel guilty or hesitate if you need to remove the cage for cleaning, especially if you feel very uncomfortable in it.

Gradually Increase Time

Some cage users think of forced chastity as a test of endurance or willpower. While it may be so, it is much more than that. By all means, use the power of your will to resist the temptation to take it off. But, never go beyond what is usually recommended for beginners. Remember, it is not just your brain — it is your cock that needs to adjust to the confined space.

That being said, don’t start with long lock-up sessions. Put it on for an hour or a couple of hours at a time. See how it feels. You shouldn’t just lock it and give the key away without testing the device first.

Increase the time gradually until you’ve built up to a full day. Once you’ve worn it a full day, you can take it off during night-hours, and put it back on in the morning.

Wearing It Overnight

If you want to try overnight lock-up, know that it is the most challenging part of the process. Even if you could control those late-night or early-morning erections, it is hard to wear a constriction device while trying to rest every muscle of your body. Don’t force things. If it’s too hard, take breaks until you have mastered the night-time usage. For example, wear it for a couple of hours at night and then remove it until morning if you keep waking up.

Once you’re ready to sleep with it, find something to make this as easy and comfortable as possible. Some say masturbating or urinating before locking up helps relieve the tension. Others find it easier to wear it overnight if they take it off for a couple of hours before putting it back again at bedtime.

Again, the keyholder should be aware of your needs in the adjustment period. As we’ve mentioned already, during the first days, your partner can be the one that attends to you. They can still hold the key and unlock when you need to wash up or take a break.

Establish a Safeword

Every chastity device comes with two keys. One of them is meant for the keyholder. But, you should always keep the spare key (in a safe hidden place), in case of unexpected events. You could experience pain or discomfort, for instance, so you should always be in a position to free yourself if, and only if, you can’t reach the keyholder.

One of the common rules of BDSM play is to have safewords. In forced chastity, it is crucial to establish them between you and your partner. That is what makes play consensual and a thing of mutual agreement between all involved parties. Safewords can be said or even texted (i.e., in emergencies) if your partner is not physically present.

Safewords can be in plain language or in the form of a word or a phrase you and your partner agree on. It all depends on how you choose to communicate during your play. These safewords can invite different activities or meanings. But, in your case, there should always be one that means “stop immediately and take the cage off now”. That is particularly important in the adjustment phase, but it should remain as an option whenever the emergency comes. Even in the later stages, you need to be able to opt out if you feel uncomfortable.

Pain Is No Gain

During the trial, you can agree with the keyholder to check on you more frequently and see how the cage feels. Once you have finished several trial sessions, you and your partner can safely move on to the next stage of the cage. That is, you can consider long-term chastity, a realm where you can experiment with weeks, months, or even longer periods of lock-up.

But even then, you should not feel bad if you need to use the safeword. It doesn’t mean you can’t deal with being locked up, or that you are bad at it. You may feel proud of yourself for pushing beyond what’s comfortable and avoiding calling out the word. But, forced chastity should never be about putting up with unnecessary pain or discomfort. It should be awesome, not awful.

Locking it up can mean much more for your relationship than mere submission. Caging your cock is not meant to torment you (unless that is what you’re aiming at), so trust and mutual enjoyment are a must. It should improve your sex life and your relationship, not impose pain or suffering (again, unless you’re into such things). Handing someone a key for your chastity demands an immense amount of trust and mutual understanding. That is why communication is key to a successful lock-up.

Communicate with Your Keyholder

One of the main reasons people are scared of forced chastity is the fact that you would be giving complete control over your sexuality to someone else. On the other hand, those who go for the cage usually do it exactly because of this fantasy. The very idea that you can never know when your keyholder will allow you your next orgasm is a huge turn-on for some.

But, sometimes, it is hard to go cold turkey. You can try abstaining from intercourse or masturbation in the pre-lock period. Talk about it with your partner, and see how that works for you before you actually agree to anything.

The keyholder-slave relationship is not one-dimensional, with one side controlling another’s sex. It is a mutual decision, so the whole process should be a shared experience you both invest in and enjoy.

In the beginning, you should arrange with your partner to have regular check-ins a couple of times a day. Ask yourself about how you feel. Are you comfortable wearing the device, or do you need a break? Does anything hurt? Always talk about it with your partner. That is a process you should go through together, so honesty is the best policy.

Terms of Agreement

You can talk to your partner about the specifics of lock-up, too. For some, the uncertainty and expectation is the very reason they pursue chastity. But, most people like to discuss some issues before they engage in cage play. In other words, some men are turned by the fact they don’t know when they’ll be free again, but for others it may be agonizing and quite the opposite of stimulating. In your first days in chastity, you can agree on what the trial period is going to look like. For instance, you can talk to your partner about how long you should keep the device on, do they have to be present during the cleaning sessions, what situations call for the safeword, etc.

That way, you can plan a process that best suits your needs. It might be a preparation for a long-term lock-up or an agreement to wear the device once a week, a month, a year even. It is up to you and your partner to determine the level of control you feel comfortable with. You should also communicate about how your relationship is going to change with the cage. For example, if you wish to, you can discuss some possible alternative ways to meet your or their sexual needs.

Take Breaks

Many experienced cage-wearers speak in favor of long-term chastity. It is worth it because of the intensity of a long-awaited orgasm and the idea of having someone willing to hold the key to it. However, during the first days of chastity, it is crucial to take breaks. It doesn’t mean you’re a “bad slave” or not submissive enough. It doesn’t make you too weak to push through. And it doesn’t mean you should quit! After all, you need breaks to clean up, check how the device fits, or tend to any discomfort, pain, or injuries.

The breaks will make you feel more comfortable about your decision. That’s why it’s best to spend a day at home when trying your cage for the first time. Use those well-earned breaks to do whatever relaxes you. Take a long bath or shower with a massaging head. Take a nap. Indulge in an activity you enjoy. Only by doing so will you appreciate the benefits of chastity.

And remember, you shouldn’t look at enforced chastity as punishment unless you want to. It is a beautiful experience of surrendering yourself. You will make your keyholder feel in command, confident, and powerful by putting yourself in their, and only their hands. Also, by being a good boy, you’ll be in for well-deserved and sensational orgasms.

Male chastity is more than restricting your erection. It means not only surrendering control but also learning about it. For some, it’s fun immediately without any fuss, but even late bloomers who experience some trouble initially find that putting on a chastity cage is worth it.

Think of chastity as chivalry. You preserve yourself for your partner, you remain virtuous for their sake, you fight the inner battles and exhibit stamina. Your cage is not your prison — it is your shiny armor.