Pubic Hair and Male Chastity

Learn about tips for obligatory grooming of your crotch area when you wish to practice male chastity.

Pubic Hair and Locked Cocks — Don’t Get Tied in Knots!

Do you think you’re ready to form a bond with your keyholder filled with tantalizing delights? Well, before you and your dick become loyal subjects of your Mistress, there are several issues chastity beginners need to take into account. You should consider what to do with your pubic region, as it can influence your experience greatly. If you are a hairy dude, you should do something with your short and curlies before putting on a male chastity device.

Can Long Pubic Hair Get Stuck in Your Cage?

The answer is short and simple — yes. Not only could this happen, but it most definitely will. Regardless of the model of your chastity cage, your body hairs will get caught in the toy, causing you problems. These issues can range from the constant nuisance of itching and prickling sensations to skin irritation and painful yanking.

Even the simplest of models have small parts and nooks that can pull and twist your pubic hairs. That is why you should examine which parts of the pubic area your toy comes in contact with and tend to them. Many models of cages require you to insert your testicles through rings, or there might be a form of straps to fasten your sex toy. In these cases, hairy men will also need to do something with hair on their scrotum and perineum.

Discomfort aside, an additional reason for getting rid of your curlies is hygiene. Cock cages, even stainless steel ones, require regular cleaning and even lube and moisturizers to be functional and safe. Hair can interfere with maintenance, and in turn, cause inconvenience and possibly health problems.

Furthermore, first-time chastity practitioners go through an adjustment period with their cage, and a full bush can make this process more difficult than it should be. Your everyday routine will become an endless barrage of pinches and pangs of pain. What’s worse, this can negatively influence your ability to perform the tasks your keyholder issues. Though some experienced couples might prefer all this pain, novice caged men should remove pubic hair.

But if you’re long past that beginner stage, you shouldn’t be able to make this decision on your own. The keyholder of your cock should have the final say. Essentially, your partner’s preferences will determine your new hairstyle.

Full Shave

The chances are you have had the experience of shaving your facial hair, so the next logical step would be to apply this practice to your genital area. Some men might find handling a razor so close to their genitals an unattractive prospect. Nevertheless, if done correctly, it can be the most practical method of grooming your sensitive area.

Tips and Tricks

Follow these pointers to ensure your shave goes smoothly. Primarily, don’t use a dull razor. Before you start shaving, shorten your pubes with scissors or a trimmer. Then, wet your curlies — you can do it in the shower. Also, you’ll need a lubricant — shower gel or shaving cream will do the trick. Now you’re ready for shaving.

Tighten your skin with one hand, and slowly glide your razor with the other to remove the hair. Take your time and get comfortable. Approach areas from different angles. Use small strokes and revisit the same surface multiple times. Rinse your blades repeatedly and thoroughly. Once you are done, apply an alcohol-free moisturizer.

Results — Smooth as a Baby

After the first couple of shaves, you will feel itchy, but it will go away as you get accustomed. Practice will eliminate small cuts, while pimples, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation won’t happen if you follow the given advice.

Clean shaved pubic hair can have surprising effects on how you feel. You are likely to rediscover yourself. Basically, you will revert your skin to how it looked before you hit puberty. Guys who enjoy the submissive aspect of cock caging will enjoy this feeling since they can achieve a child-like or even feminine skin smoothness.


If you want to leave some hair in your nether region and shaving seems too much for you, then trimmed pubic hair the way to go. It is the least extreme version of grooming — you get to stylize your bush, and you and your keyholder can treat it as a part of a maintenance ritual for your caged cock.

The Right Tools

All you need for your trimming session is a pair of scissors and a comb. It would be best to invest in barber scissors, as they have blunt tips and are easier to handle. Properly sterilize them and make sure they are sharp before you begin. Also, it’s recommended that you use a mustache comb, as they are smaller, and you can maneuver more easily.

When it comes to electrical appliances, trimmers are also an option. Although, you need to consider whether you need dry or wet trimmers. The wet ones are waterproof, so you can take them into the shower. Though these are more practical, it all comes down to you or your keyholder’s choice.

You and Your Stylist

Whether you’re using scissors or an electronic device, the rule of thumb is that you start with longer-length cuts. Later, you can trim your pubes down even more. Make your curlies wet, use your comb, and only cut the hair protruding from it. That way, you can control the length easily.

Be it shaving or trimming, your keyholder can let you do it, or they can choose to do it themselves. After all, you’ve relinquished the control of your dick to them, and your carpet comes with the territory. Doing this together can change how you both view and treat your dick, and, ultimately, these little grooming rituals can deepen your bond.

Other Options


There are additional hair removal methods for pubic hair, and waxing is the most widespread one. Now, it’s true that after having waxed your pubic hair, you might feel itchy and a bit unpleasant at first. However, you will quickly get used to it. The concept is simple. You slather the hairy surface with hot wax, you wait for it to cool down, and finally, you rip it off, pulling all the hair with it.

This popular practice is highly effective, and it takes time for the hair to grow back. The downside is that it can hurt significantly, and it can cause skin irritation and even bleeding. If you are not comfortable doing it at home, you can always find the services of professionals in salons.

Laser Treatment

If you are ready to pay big bucks, maybe consider laser hair removal. That is a long-term solution, and it’s painless. Just be sure that their methods are FDA approved. You also need to take into account that you’ll probably need more than one treatment. Furthermore, hair regrowth may vary from person to person — if it returns at all.

Removal Cream

Another popular product is hair removal cream, also known as a depilatory. You apply the chemicals on your skin, and after a designated time, you wash your hair off. This can be a quick and elegant solution, but be careful as the results may vary. More importantly, your skin might have an unwanted reaction, so test the cream on a small surface before you use it fully.