Sleeping While Locked Up — Should You Do It?

Have you been thinking of going to sleep locked up? Not sure if it’s safe? Don’t despair! Here, we’ll provide you with all the necessary info on how to sleep safe and sound!

Putting His Junk in a Cage Overnight

So you and your partner are up for some rough fun? The two of you enjoy BDSM play, humiliation, cock rings, and other sex toys? Well, that all sounds interesting, but are you willing to test your limits and go the extra mile?

If so, perhaps male chastity play is the right kink for you! Trust us — there’s so much pain and pleasure you can gain from stainless steel locks. Also, don’t worry about chastity safety — we’ll make sure you understand all the risks and precautions behind cock cages before we let you proceed.

BDSM Culture

Generally speaking, chastity belts and cages are all the rage with people into bondage, dominance, and submission. Loving things like rough sex and leather are nothing to be ashamed of anymore. Interestingly enough, these fetishes are more and more present with each passing year.

Western society, in general, is getting more progressive, and as such, it’s pulling the rest of the world along for the ride. As such, femdom and women’s power are gaining more and more vocal support all over the world. We presume that since you’re reading this, you’re interested in (if not familiar with) the topic. Thus, we will get straight to the point.

Pros of Sleeping in a Cage

Why is sleep involved in all of this, you might ask? Well, 24 hours of nonstop domination is undoubtedly more exciting and mouth-watering than doing it just during the day. Yes, we know that making your hubby wear a cage to work is already so exciting, but enslaving him during the whole night is something else entirely!

In general, a lot of people who are into chastity cages eventually wonder whether they can use them during the night while sleeping. As you can imagine, doing stuff like this opens a whole new dimension for chastity play. Therefore, we’ll point out a few pros of such practices here.

Long-Term Chastity

The first thing we should talk about is the longevity of the whole domination game. Getting locked up during the day is one thing, but imagine enduring the torment for the full 24 hours! The sole concept of a male having his crotch entrapped constantly is a big turn on for both men and women into kinks like this.

Simply knowing that you’re still a prisoner while asleep adds on to the excitement and appeal of the whole fantasy. Your mistress controls your nocturnal erections -- even when you’re dreaming of regular stuff, completely unrelated to your sex life!

No More Morning Wood

The risk of having wet dreams and waking up with your penis as straight as an arrow is no longer present. Morning erections are completely out of the equation while wearing a male chastity device. A flaccid penis is all you’ll be thinking of before going to sleep. The whole point of orgasm denial comes to this — no more hard-ons for male participants!

See, sleeping in a cock cage will only benefit your open-minded sex life. A kink like this can only make things spicier as it is something new and empowering for most couples. It’s undoubtedly one of the cooler options the vast BDSM world offers. Thus, checking it out is an excellent choice for couples looking to revitalize their relationship (or even redefine it).

Cons of Sleeping in a Cage

After reading the positives, it’s only fair we point out the potential hazards of preventing erections all night long. Honestly, stuff like this is not for everyone. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t handle it.

Pulling this stuff off is definitely not a piece of cake. Even the more experienced couples are nervous about starting chastity play because of safety concerns, such as the possibility of getting erectile dysfunction by using these sex toys.

Don’t worry; we’re not here to scare you. We’re just making sure you are aware of all the aspects of cocks cages, both good and bad. (And the good definitely outweighs the bad!)

Lack of Comfort

It’s no secret that wearing these devices can cause discomfort for the user. It’s a risky business, and not everyone can make the most of it. Having your intimate parts locked up in a steel cage can irritate them if you’re not careful.

It’s easy to see why this can be a chore to get through. Your skin rubbing against a steel contraption the whole night can become frustrating, resulting in no rest. Therefore, be sure you really want this, and be wary of the potential discomfort that comes with it.

Sleeping Difficulties

Once the chastity device is locked around your penis, going to sleep for some people may become literally impossible. Even the tiniest of male reproductive organs can suffer damage if you don’t wear a device of appropriate size, which isn’t cool at all. On top of that, let’s make it clear that the possibility of waking up every twenty minutes in your chastity device is real. This lack of quality, healthy sleep may be fun for some people, but in truth, it’s hell for others.


The next obvious negative is the potential pain one might experience if they get an erection at night. Even for masochists, long-lasting pain in your crotch area is not fun. Even if you like hurting yourself and enjoy feeling tortured, wearing a chastity device overnight is one hell of a chore to get through.

Imagine needing to get up in the morning to go to work, and finding your penis or testicles swollen. Awful stuff — believe us!

Combine all of this with the fact that the chastity cage really leaves you with just a couple of sleeping positions, and you might have yourself a deal-breaker! Just imagine the amount of pain you’ll experience if you place your body weight directly on your entrapped crotch while tumbling in your sleep. That is if you can even get Mister Sandman to come and visit you while your junk is locked up.

Ways to Help You Sleep

Of course, there are ways to get around sleeping problems while wearing a cage on your cock. Many people with this fetish found quite a few ways to pull it off. That’s why we’ll borrow a couple of their cheats to help you get a few ideas on how to successfully make it through the night!

Start With Short Naps

It’s no secret that before you take on a gargantuan task, you should start preparing for it. One does not run a full marathon without training for it first. So starting slowly is an effective way to prepare yourself for arduous tasks. Just like with sports, getting used to sex toys so that you can enjoy them to the fullest takes time.

In the case of sleeping with a cock cage, one should try taking a short nap before they put themselves in full sleep mode. Try to last at least half an hour with the device on your penis.

We should not even have to mention that it’s always better to go step by step with anything that could be potentially dangerous. After all, preparation is always the first step on every journey. The same applies to fetishes like these.

Sleeping on Your Back

After you’ve tried short naps, you’ve probably realized that most sleeping poses just don’t work. Sleeping on your stomach is probably the worst option you can choose. It’s not hard to imagine why. On the other hand, floating in the dreamland on your sides is not as uncomfortable as lying on your stomach, but it’s also nowhere near perfect.

These two conclusions lead us to the only viable option left in your deck of sleeping cards. Lying down on your back is probably the only good option you have while locked up. Sleeping like that minimizes the chance of your penis getting hurt. Therefore, if you decide to try this fetish out, see if you can sleep like this.

White Noise

Most experienced BDSM people into chastity play use distractions to help shift focus away from discomfort while trying to sleep. It’s not a secret by any means; it’s just that people don’t usually think of this as an option.

Weird, right? White noise machines are probably not the first thing you think of when you’re in your kinky mood. Well, no, it’s not.

If you can’t find a white noise machine, you can always download an app on your phone that does the job. The app stores are full of them. Feel free to look them up — they might just save your sleep!

Body-Length Pillows

Finally, the last tip we’ll give you are long pillows — as long as your body. See if you can find long cushions and pads that will support your body, and thus, make you feel less pressured by the steel contraption.

Lack of comfort and softness may cause severe pain; therefore, you should look for pillows soft enough to sink into. Makes sense, right?


Let’s use this opportunity to talk about safety. The internet is filled with questions about chastity health and cock cage safety, and we don’t blame people for posting them. “Is chastity safe” is a valid thought to have.

There’s no denying it — safety is of utmost importance in all BDSM and kink play!

That is why we’ll share with you three of the most common mistakes people make while enjoying sleeping in their baby-oiled chastity cages. After all, it’s imperative that you take care of your health, above all! The last thing anyone wants is to get hurt while doing something they’re supposed to find enjoyable.

Pain While Sleeping

First, let’s talk about pain. The most obvious indicator to help you realize that you’re doing something wrong with your body is discomfort. Waking up with swollen parts of your body is not a good sign, as you can imagine. Your body is telling you that something is wrong.

If your penis has changed colors, it’s safe to assume that it’s better to remove the cage. Erectile dysfunction is a real possibility if you damage your downstairs homeboy, and we sure wouldn’t like that to happen to anyone.

Also, check the color of your urine. Yeah, it does sound obvious, but the color of your pee can be an indicator of specific health problems. In general, lighter colored urine is healthier. If you see any blood while you urinate, stop playing with the cage immediately — at least for some time. Visit a doctor to see if there’s any serious damage.

Exhausting Yourself

Secondly, if you’re getting less than the recommended amount of sleep, consider pausing your experiment. It’s not healthy to sleep only a few hours every day. It might sound like we are overreacting, but believe us when we say — sleep deprivation is no laughing matter.

Doctors say that for the vast majority of humans, six to eight hours of sleep a day is essential for the body. If you’re finding it hard to make those numbers while having your cock locked up, consider stopping immediately.

Dangers of Medication

Last but not least, don’t use sleeping pills if you’re having trouble getting some shut-eye due to these toys. We mustn’t overlook the dangers of using such drugs. A considerable number of people make the mistake of taking different types of medicine solely based on their intuition. Some of these sleeping pills are addictive and can lead to uncontrollable consumption, which may lead to serious consequences, including overdosing.

If you catch yourself relying on pills to make it through the night with a cage on, be sure to stop right there. Consider taking the chastity device off; it’s not meant to be used if you need to take sleep meds at all. It’s just not worth it.

Should You Sleep?

To be perfectly clear, let’s say this immediately — talk to a licensed medical doctor before making a decision. Different people experience pain and pleasure differently, and as such, one might not enjoy the same thing as the other person. It’s essential to be sure you can handle a cage like this. Seriously — life with your cock behind bars is not easy.

It’s crucial to inform yourself and talk to people you know enjoy such stuff before you plunge into it. Also, be sure you and your partner are ready for such steps. Getting dominated is, again, not for everyone.

Leather and whips are an experience that can in no way be compared to having your dick locked up in a tiny cage for the night. So talk about it with your partner. Check how both of you feel about it before deciding to go through with it. And make sure to do it sensibly and responsibly!

Again, the last thing we’d like for you is to get hurt in any way. Staying safe is imperative in BDSM. Yes, we like to play rough, but there is no excuse for endangering anyone’s health while at it.

Talking to people who are into such kinks and fantasies before trying them out is undoubtedly the way to go. And if you’re having doubts about going to the doctor because you’d feel ashamed of your fetish, remember that you pay them for their work. Also, who knows — maybe they too like to indulge in a bit of chastity action in the bedroom!