No Nut November: The Perfect Male Chastity Challenge!

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A deceptively simple challenge, No Nut November has become increasingly popular during the last decade. But different men have different reasons for attempting the challenge, and chastity slaves have their own unique incentive to make it through a month without orgasm.
For men who are interested in male chastity and haven’t tried it yet, No Nut November can be an interesting way to test the waters and see if using a cock cage is for you.
But where did it all begin? How popular is it really? How do you join in? Let’s explore all these questions and more in this article.

No Nut November - The Basics

Commonly known as No Nut November, NNN, or No Fap November, this challenge has become known to millions of men around the world. But diving into the history of the challenge can be quite difficult.
While the modern NNN challenge is widely talked about, it appears to have originated from a bodybuilding forum over a decade ago. In fact, users of the forums did monthly challenges, seeing who could last the longest without masturbation. The first took place in November though, which is probably why the month stuck.
But why is not masturbating such a big deal? It should be easy, right?
Well as many of you will already know, as soon as you aren’t allowed to touch your cock, it’s all you want to do. It’s one of the main things that draw men to male chastity after all!
Some men like to take it even further, trying to make the others slip up by sending nude photos to tempt them into masturbation. Taking on NNN in your friend group could be an entertaining way to test your mettle.

Modern No Nut November

Nowadays taking a month off masturbation has become more of a cultural sensation. Different groups make different claims about the practise, ranging from health benefits to a platform to disseminate political views such as anti-feminism or the porn industry.
There’s little truth to most of these things, and for most people the challenge isn’t any more than it was a decade ago: something fun to try in November.
Male Chastity Cages
Just like male chastity, abstinence for a period of time can provide some benefits like an increased sex drive, or a greater understanding of your partner’s pleasure. But crucially, as we have mentioned many times on Lock the Cock, orgasms are an integral part of the process. Without regular orgasms, you won’t really be seeing much of the benefits.
So unplug from tiktok and instagram and take No Nut November for what it really it: something fun and challenging that could lead to some fantastic orgasms when it’s over!

No Nut November and Male Chastity

Naturally, NNN and chastity go hand in hand. While one only denies masturbation, the other completely denies access to the penis, but both accomplish the same goal: no orgasms.
For long time chastity enthusiasts, who have made wearing a cage a permanent part of their lifestyle, No Nut November is a natural addition to their calendar. Following on from Locktober, the most dedicated might have a period of two whole months without an orgasm!
When you have less experience though, the prospect of making it through an entire month can be quite daunting. That’s what makes the challenge a great way to either start exploring male chastity, or to up the ante on the play you’ve been doing so far.
Person locked in chastity belt
You don’t even need to make it through the entire month. You might take it one week at a time, having a release as a reward for each week. Or just simply see how long you can last.
Mistress can provide extra rewards for you if you’re successful, and add extra challenges to try and tempt you into failure. Plus if you’re determined to succeed, then what better way to make sure it happens than having your cock locked away with no access to the key!

How Do You Take Part In The Game?

If you’re going to give NNN a try, there’s nothing special you need to do. There’s nowhere to sign up or apply, you just simply do it!
For those want to add a chastity cage to your challenge, then head over to our collection now and pick one up. Many men love to choose a special cage just for this kind of occasion, so something from our premium collection could be the ideal choice.
Not sure you’ll make it to the end? Why not join one of the many chastity forums and share your experience there? You’ll find plenty of men also suffering their way through the month, and can offer each other encouragement.
Or head to our social media pages and talk to our Mistresses about your experiences. We love to hear from our slaves!
But most importantly, don’t take it too seriously! It’s not meant to be a life or death commitment, and it’s not going to change your life. No Nut November is simply a fun challenge to try and complete. Can you make it through the month?
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