Prostate Milking, Orgasm and Massage: The Guide to Chastity Prostate Play

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

Guide to chastity prostate play

Most men who take part in male chastity spend countless hours thinking about their poor pathetic cocks. Little do they know, they’re missing out on a whole world of fun by exploring anal play!

Learn all about the prostate gland and how to stimulate it in our newest article!

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Posted by Beautiful Voice on

Attractive Mistress

Prove you can remain chaste whatever the challenge. Read some of our male chastity femdom stories and see what the world of male chastity can bring to you! But remember, no touching that cock…

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Teasing and (Sometimes) Pleasing: Ideas for Chastity Play

Posted by Beautiful Voice on

tempting mistress

The trial period is complete – the caged partner has adjusted to their device, the keyholder feels comfortable in their role. So… What's next?

Lots and lots of fun, sexy experiences, that’s what!

Read on to explore some of the many ways you can make chastity fun and interesting for both slave and Mistress...

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LocktheCock's Ruined Orgasm Challenge

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

LocktheCocks ruined orgasm challenge

Welcome back, my willing slaves. As I’m sure you’re aware, May is the month of masturbation… but not for you. Instead I’ve got a devilishly delightful new chastity challenge for you all. Make it through the entire month, and you’ll have earned your orgasmic reward!

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Best Tips for Sissy Chastity Sluts

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

Sissy chastity slave

As a slave wears a cock cage and becomes more placid, he might find that he wants to explore more of his feminine side.

Sissy play lets him do just that, taking on many feminine traits and integrating them into his life.

Read on to learn more about the Sissy lifestyle, and how you can embrace your feminine side.

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